Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Dr. Gus A. Wright | Core Facility Manager & Assistant Research Scientist
Email: gwright@cvm.tamu.edu | Tel: 979-458-9859
Office: VMR Addition 274 | Core Facilities: VMR Addition 257

Please register in iLabs for scheduling and billing at:
For sorting and first time use, please email Dr. Wright directly at gwright@cvm.tamu.edu.

Equipment Available

Beckman Coulter Moflo Astrios Cell Sorter. 3 lasers: 405, 488, and 640nm. 11 detectors.

Beckman Coulter Moflo Astrios Cell Sorter

BD FACS Calibur Fflow Cytometer. 1 laser: 488nm. 3 detectors.

BD FACS Calibur Fflow Cytometer

BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer. 2lasers: 488 and 640nm. 4 detectors.

BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer

The instruments’ optical setups are located at: www.fluorofinder.com/tamucvm.
The Fluorofinder website can also help design panels and has an excellent resources page for education and many other topics.


Internal billing rates are for Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) users.
External billing rates are for non-TAMUS users.


Charges begin at the time scheduled plus one hour of set up time.
This means if you are late you will be charged for the time you are late.
Minimum charge: One hour.

Internal Billing
External Billing
Sample TypeMoflo AstriosSample TypeMoflo Astrios
BSL2+ level$ 70/hr + 1.5 hr setup BSL2+ level$ 150/hr + 1.5 hr setup
BSL 1 level$ 70/hr + 1 hr setup BSL 1 level$ 150/hr + 1 hr setup


Charges begin at the time scheduled plus 30-minute startup/shutdown time.
Minimum charge:
30 minutes.

Internal Billing
External Billing
User ModeCalibur and AccuriUser ModeCalibur and Accuri
Unassisted $ 50/hr +30 min setup Unassisted $ 100/hr +30 min setup
Assisted $ 60/hr +30 min setup Assisted $ 120/hr + 30 min setup

Additional Services

  • Data Analysis Workstation (unassisted): Free
  • Data Analysis Assisted: $50/hr
  • Consultation: Free
  • Collaborations: per case basis

Billing Policies

Late Arrivals Policies:

  • On all instruments, users are charged from the beginning of their reservation time.
  • This means that if you are late you will be charged for the time between your scheduled start and your actual arrival.
  • The fees and policies can change at any time and the users will be notified when these changes occur.

Cancellation/No-­show Policies:

  • Appointments cancelled >24 hours prior to appointment require no charge.
  • Appointments cancelled 24 to12 hours prior to scheduled time will be charged 1 hour service.
  • Appointments cancelled less than 12 hours prior to scheduled time will be charged 1.5 hour service.
  • No-¬≠shows will be charged full scheduled time or 2 hours service, whichever is greater.